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Do you need help to grow?

Posted on: 30-05-2022

Do you need help to grow?

Help to Grow is an initiative providing two schemes to smaller businesses with a view to helping growth. If a business wants to take advantage, what do they need?

Do you need help to grow?

There are two schemes that fall under the Help to Grow umbrella.

Help to Grow: Digital. This allows a business to access free impartial advice about which software could help to grow their business. This could boost performance by cutting costs, saving time or help with record keeping, e.g. accountancy software. If they decide to purchase the recommended software, they can receive a 50% discount worth up to £5,000.

Help to Grow: 12 week management course. This course is delivered by UK business schools and each applicant is given a mentor for one-on-one support. The training supports the business to build  capabilities in leadership, innovation, digital adoption, employee engagement, marketing, responsible business, and financial management. They will develop a business growth plan to help you lead the business to release its potential. It isn’t free, but it is 90% funded by the government, so the cost is reduced to £750.

If you would like our assistance with Help to grow, check out our Accounting Services

To be eligible, the business must be a UK-based SME, actively trading for at least one year and have between 5 and 249 employees. To find out more, visit the online information page.

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