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Financial Adviser Manchester


Here at Dunhams, we pride ourselves on offering a Financial Services and Accounting Services which we regard as almost unique among accountants and financial planners. We are one of the very few practices which can take care of all of your personal and business financial requirements all under one roof.

Financial Services ManchesterOur completely holistic approach looks at every single aspect of your money. We do more than simply advise you on all aspects of your personal finances – protection products, investments, personal tax, estate planning, pensions, funding for children’s weddings, school fees, nursing home fees and long term care.

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  • Financial Planning

  • Pension Accumulation

  • Pension Decumulation

  • Investments

  • Protection Planning

  • Auto Enrolment

If you also have a business, we can manage your business finances to ensure that everything runs as smoothly and as tax-efficiently as possible.

Most important of all, we look at the bigger picture by seeing how your business finances impact on your personal financial matters. We think about the life stages which we all go through, and how our joined-up management of your total family finances can help you through these life changes.

As well as having the peace of mind of knowing that your business is in safe hands, you will also know that your personal matters are being taken care of too – now, next year and in the decades ahead. This ensures that there is less stress and hassle for you now, and less for those that you leave behind. That’s how far we look into your future.

How Dunhams do it all for you

Simple. Our team is headed by two vastly experienced practitioners – one a fully qualified Independent Financial Adviser, Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Advisor, the second a qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Certified Accountant. In addition, our team includes many more highly qualified Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants and even a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

It all means that you don’t have to engage the services of one company as your accountant and another as your independent financial adviser. We can do it all and you benefit from totally seamless and professional management of your business and family finances by just one company.

A no-obligation financial consultation

It all starts with a no-obligation financial consultation to discuss your individual situation and requirements. We will discuss your current situation, your needs and priorities and help develop some key financial goals with you.

Once we have gathered all the information, we will produce a detailed report containing our recommendations which we will outline in a follow-up meeting. In short, we will look into every aspect of your family financial position and create a holistic and bespoke plan that is personalised to you and your family.

If you’re looking for a Financial Adviser in Manchester to support you with your personal and/or business finances, call us on 0161 872 8671.

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    Financial Planning

    We offer a clear six-step process when it comes to your financial planning and wealth management. What’s more, at each and every stage, you maintain total control. Here’s how we can help you achieve financial freedom.

    Pension Accumulation

    We take a holistic approach which looks at your pension arrangements in the light of your overall financial position. This enables us to tie everything together and give you a financial solution that best achieves your financial goals.

    Pension Decumulation

    You’ve spent 30 to 40 years saving into a pension, and now that you’re approaching your retirement, you need to turn it into an income that might need to last for the next two decades or even longer. So, where do you start?


    Everyone wants to make the most of their investments – getting the best return. But with so many investment opportunities, savings plans and financial products out there, it’s difficult knowing where to put your money.

    Protection Planning

    We do more than simply manage your business finances to ensure everything runs as smoothly and tax-efficiently as possible. We also look at the bigger picture and how your business finances impact on your personal financial matters.

    Auto Enrolment

    Between now and 2018, every employer in the UK will need to have a workplace pension scheme in place and start enrolling workers into it. Many will be automatically enrolled and others will need to be enrolled if they request it.

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