Creating a bespoke investment plan to help you achieve your financial goals



Creating a bespoke investment plan to help you achieve
your financial goals

Everyone wants to make the most of their investments – getting the best return without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. But with so many investment opportunities, savings plans and financial products out there, it’s difficult knowing where to put your money.

This is where Dunhams can help. Dunhams Financial Planning is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for a range of investment business activities, and can provide advice on pensions and other investments. It means that we can take care of your investments, alongside helping with all of your business financial matters.

A personalised investment plan for you

Whether you want to make a lump sum investment or contribute to a regular savings plan, we will create the right investment solution which will be personalised to your specific needs.

To start the process, we’ll talk to you to understand more about you and your objectives, the reasons why you’re investing and the amount of risk you are comfortable with taking. We’ll take all of these factors into account and then dovetail an investment plan which matches your objectives.

Developing and reviewing your investment portfolio

We’ll put together a bespoke, personalised investment plan tailor made to your individual risk profile and objectives – whether it’s to achieve growth, provide an income, protect your savings from inflation or a combination of these.

Your investment portfolio will then be based on the best choice of underlying investment funds which meet your investment objectives. We’ll also structure your cash investments so that you have sufficient liquid funds to act as a rainy day or emergency fund.

Once your financial plan is in place, this is only the beginning. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your financial plan remains on track. A regular review is also available as part of our investment service, and includes ongoing meetings and communications, updates and monitoring of your investment portfolio.

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