Planning for your future

Helping you achieve the comfortable retirement you deserve

Planning for your future


Helping you achieve the comfortable retirement you deserve

Here at Dunhams Financial Planning, we pride ourselves on making the complex world of pensions as simple as possible. We’ll explain everything to you in clear, straightforward language whether it’s at a face-to-face meeting or in a formal written report setting out our retirement planning advice for you.

Overall, we take a holistic approach which looks at your pension arrangements in the light of your wider, overall financial position. This enables us to tie everything together and give you a financial solution that best achieves your financial goals.

Helping you achieve financial freedom

Whatever your existing pension arrangements, we are confident that our review of your pension plans and personal financial position, and our recommendations moving ahead, can put you on the right path to achieving your ultimate aim – true financial freedom and independence in retirement.

A key cornerstone of your personal financial plan has to be making provision for your retirement. Unfortunately, far too many people avoid the issue altogether and put off making a decision. After all, for many people it may be decades in the future before they retire.

Even those who sensibly start paying into a pension scheme early on in their careers have only done half the job. They probably don’t realise that you need to regularly monitor both the performance of your pension fund and underlying charges, and ensure that your contributions are keeping pace with inflation. What’s more, if the global economy suffers a downturn as it did in 2008, this will almost certainly have a knock-on effect on the value of your pension, and you may need to make changes to it.

Yet, by carrying out some simple financial planning early in your career and taking a more active role in monitoring your pension, you can look forward to a more financially secure and comfortable retirement.

Our happy customers:

Tim Barclay, Hydrographic Survey Consultant to the Oil Industry

I’ve been a client of Dunhams for 10 years now and Paul and Glen continue to impress me with their highly professional yet friendly approach. I have total confidence that my retirement planning is in the safest of hands and that my pension funds are working hard for me. Dunhams have placed me in the pleasing position of being able to look forward to my future financial needs with great peace of mind which is both comforting and re-assuring.

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